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The details of the cash rebate program can change over time, including the rebate percentage, eligibility criteria, and application process. Therefore, it’s essential to check with EKOME or the Greek Film Center for the most up-to-date information on cash rebate incentives for filming in Greece. To give you a general idea, here are some key points from the program as it was in place in 2021:


1.  Rebate Percentage: The rebate percentage offered varied based on the type of production and other factors. For feature films and TV series, it could be up to 40% of eligible expenses incurred in Greece.

2.  Eligibility: International productions had to meet specific criteria to be eligible for the rebate. These criteria included a minimum spend in Greece and the creation of local jobs.

3.  Application Process: Productions typically had to apply for a cash rebate before commencing filming in Greece. They needed to submit their project details and a budget, and the application would be reviewed by EKOME.

4.  Local Collaboration: Collaborating with local production companies and professionals was often encouraged and could be beneficial in navigating the application process and meeting local requirements.

5.  Audit and Payment: After the production was completed and expenses were audited to ensure they met the program’s criteria, the rebate would be paid out.


Please note that the details and availability of such incentives can change, and new programs may have been introduced since my last update in September 2017. Therefore, I strongly recommend contacting the Greek Film Center or EKOME directly for the most current information on cash rebate incentives for filming in Greece. They can provide you with the latest details, application procedures, and any changes that may have occurred since my last knowledge update.

Why Filming in Greece ?

The steps to production

First of all, when you contact the FilmingGreece Company you will have ,signed from us , NDAs of  your project.


1.  Development

–  Idea Generation: The process begins with coming up with an idea for a film, which could be inspired by a script, book, true story,

or original concept.

–  Scriptwriting: A screenplay is written, detailing the dialogue, actions, and scenes of the film.

–  Pitching: The script is pitched to potential investors, producers, and studios to secure funding for the project.


2.  Pre-production by FilmingGreece 

–  Budgeting: Determining the overall budget for the film and allocating funds to various departments.

–  Casting: Selecting actors for the various roles based on auditions, talent, and suitability.

–  Location Scouting: Identifying and securing suitable filming locations.

–  Storyboarding: Creating visual representations (storyboards) of each scene to plan the shot composition.

–  Production Design: Designing the visual elements of the film, including sets, props, costumes, and makeup.

–  Hiring Crew: Assembling a team of professionals including the director of photography, production designer, costume designer, makeup artists, etc.

–  Creating a Shooting Schedule: Planning the order of scenes to optimize shooting efficiency.

–  Obtaining Permits: Acquiring the necessary permits for filming in certain locations.

–  Logistics: Organizing transportation, accommodation, catering, and other logistical details for the cast and crew.


3.  Production

–  Principal Photography: The actual filming of scenes according to the shooting schedule.

–  Directing: The director guides the actors and crew to ensure the creative vision is executed.

–  Cinematography: The director of photography and camera crew handle the visual aspects, including camera angles, lighting, and composition.

–  Sound: Capturing clear audio through various microphones and recording equipment.

–  Continuity: Ensuring consistency in the details of each scene (e.g., props, wardrobe) from shot to shot.

–  Logging Footage: Organizing and cataloging the raw footage for easier post-production editing.


4.  Post-production

–  Editing: The raw footage is compiled, rearranged, and refined to create the final sequence of scenes.

–  Visual Effects (VFX): Adding computer-generated effects or enhancements to the footage.

–  Sound Design: Incorporating sound effects, Foley (recorded sounds), and music to enhance the audio experience.

–  Color Grading: Adjusting the color and tone of the footage to achieve a consistent look.

–  Title and Credits: Designing and adding opening titles, end credits, and other text elements.

–  Sound Mixing: Balancing and optimizing the audio tracks.

–  Finalizing Cut: Creating the final version of the film for distribution.


5.  Distribution and Marketing

–  Film Festival Submissions: Submitting the film to various film festivals for exposure and recognition.

–  Promotion: Creating marketing materials such as posters, trailers, and press releases.

–  Distribution Strategy: Planning how and where the film will be released (theatrical, streaming platforms, DVD, etc.).

–  Release: The film is made available to the audience through theaters, online platforms, or other distribution methods.


6.  Exhibition:

–  Theatrical Release: Screening the film in movie theaters.

–  Online Release: Making the film available on streaming platforms or for purchase.

–  Promotion: Continued marketing and promotional efforts to attract viewers.


Each of these steps involves a multitude of tasks, coordination, and collaboration among various departments and professionals to bring a film project to fruition. Keep in mind that the specific details and order of these steps can vary depending on the size and scale of the production, as well as the resources available.


FilmingGreece Company offers a range of film production  services to filmmakers, including location scouting, production support, Legal accounting services, and assistance with permits and visas. We also provide guidance on Greece’s tax incentives, which can be very attractive to international productions.


Greece offers a cash rebate of up to 40% on eligible expenses incurred in the country, which can include pre-production, production, and post-production costs. To be eligible, film productions must meet certain criteria, including spending a minimum of €100,000 in the country and hiring a minimum of 70% local crew. (august 2023)

The legal and tax consulting services can help ensure that your film project is not only creatively successful but also financially sound. .  If you’re ready to take the next step, head over to our Contact page to schedule a consultation with our legal and tax team.

Cash Rebate Filming  in Greece

Cash Rebate Percentage

Greece offers a cash rebate of up to 40% on eligible expenses incurred during pre-production, production, and post-production within the country.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the cash rebate, foreign productions must meet certain criteria, which may include:

–  Minimum local spending threshold.

–  Number of shooting days in Greece.

–  Engagement of local crew and services.

–  The production’s potential cultural and economic impact on Greece.


Application Process

The application process usually involves submitting a detailed proposal outlining your project, its budget, shooting schedule, and how it will contribute to the local economy and culture. The application is reviewed by the Greek Film Center or another relevant authority.


Required Documentation

You will likely need to provide various documents and information, such as:

–  Detailed script or project description.

–  Budget breakdown.

–  Shooting schedule.

–  List of key cast and crew members.

–  Proof of financing.

–  Production insurance details.

–  A plan for promoting Greek culture and tourism through the production.


Evaluation and Approval

The authorities will review your application based on the provided information and criteria. If your project meets the necessary requirements, you may receive approval for the cash rebate.


Cash Rebate Disbursement

Once filming is completed and the production has met all obligations under the program, you can apply for the cash rebate. This generally involves submitting audited cost reports and other documentation.


Additional Considerations

–  Keep in mind that the specific details of the program, eligibility criteria, and application process might have changed since my last update. It’s important to check the official website of the Greek Film Center or the relevant government agency for the most current and accurate information.

–  Consider working with local production companies or production service providers who are familiar with the Greek film industry and the cash rebate program. They can help navigate the application process and ensure compliance with local regulations.

–  Be prepared to engage with local culture and contribute positively to the local community. This is often a requirement for eligibility and can enhance your experience while filming in Greece.

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The tax incentives have been very successful in attracting foreign productions to Greece, with several high-profile films and television series being shot in the country the recent years. These include “The Little Drummer Girl” for AMC and BBC, “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” for Universal Pictures, and “Wonder Woman” for Warner Bros.

At our film production company we understand the unique challenges and regulations that come with producing films, and our team of experts can provide you with comprehensive advice on matters such as intellectual property, contract negotiation, and tax incentives. With our assistance, you can navigate the complex legal and financial landscape of the film industry with confidence, and focus on bringing your vision to life on the big screen.


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