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Location scouting and management are critical aspects of preproduction for film and television projects. These roles involve finding suitable filming locations, securing permits, and managing logistics to ensure that the chosen locations meet the creative and practical needs of the production. Here’s an overview of these roles:


1. Location Scout

A location scout is responsible for finding and evaluating potential filming locations that align with the script’s requirements and the director’s vision. Here are some key responsibilities:


–  Script Analysis: Thoroughly read and analyze the script to understand the specific location requirements, including the types of settings and scenes needed.

–  Research: Conduct research to identify potential locations that match the script’s descriptions. This can include online research, reference materials, and site visits.

–  Site Visits: Visit and assess potential locations in person to determine if they are suitable for filming. This includes evaluating the lighting, accessibility, and overall aesthetics.

–  Photography and Documentation: Take photographs and detailed notes of each location to document its characteristics. This information will be shared with the production team for consideration.

–  Permit Research: Investigate the permit requirements for each location and determine the feasibility of obtaining the necessary permits.

–  Budgeting: Provide estimates for location costs, including permit fees, location fees, and any necessary modifications or set dressing.

–  Communication: Maintain clear communication with the production team, director, and producers to ensure that the chosen locations align with the creative vision and budget constraints.


2. Location Management

A location manager plays a crucial role in coordinating the logistics of filming at chosen locations. Their responsibilities include:


–  Permit Acquisition: Work with authorities and local agencies to obtain the necessary permits for filming in specific locations. This includes securing filming agreements and addressing any legal requirements.

–  Location Negotiation: Negotiate location fees and agreements with property owners, ensuring that terms are favorable for the production.

–  Logistics Coordination: Oversee the logistics of filming at each location, including coordinating transportation, parking, and accommodation for the cast and crew.

–  Safety and Security: Ensure that safety measures are in place at each location to protect the cast, crew, and the public. This includes addressing potential hazards.

–  Environmental Considerations: Manage environmental concerns and ensure that filming activities do not harm the location’s natural surroundings.

–  Communication: Act as a liaison between the production team and property owners or authorities, addressing any issues or concerns that may arise during filming.

–  Budget Management: Keep track of location-related expenses and ensure that they align with the overall production budget.

–  Crisis Management: Be prepared to handle unexpected challenges that may arise during filming, such as weather-related issues, disputes with property owners, or unforeseen delays.


Both roles, the location scout and location manager, are crucial for ensuring that the chosen locations not only meet the creative vision of the project but also adhere to legal and logistical requirements. Effective communication and attention to detail are key to the success of location scouting and management in filmmaking.

At Filming Greece, we understand that finding the perfect location is crucial to the success of your film production.

That’s why our film production company offers a comprehensive range of location management services to help you find the ideal settings for your project.

FilmingGreece Location Management


Location Management with attention to the details


Once we’ve identified the ideal locations for your production, our film production company ‘s team will continue to provide expert location management services throughout the filming process. We’ll handle all the details, including scheduling, transportation, and any necessary permits or permissions. Our team is always on hand to address any issues that may arise, allowing you to focus on your creative vision.


Our team of experienced casting directors, location scouters and production managers will work with you to find the perfect elements for your project, striking the right balance between creativity and practicality.

Location Management from concept development to the last frame


With our location management services, you can rest assured that your film production will have the perfect settings to bring your creative vision to life.

Contact our film production company today to learn more about how we can help make your film a success




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