HR consulting in the Filming Industry

HR consulting in the Filming Industry

HR consulting in the Filming Industry

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of film production, having HR professionals on board can be a game-changer for production companies.

Here’s why it’s crucial to include HR consulting in production budget:


1. Policy Formulation: Professional assistance in formulating policies such as harassment, diversity, equality, whistleblowing, and health & safety, is essential for ensuring compliance and fostering a respectful workplace culture.

2. Manuals & Codes of Conduct: Develop comprehensive manuals and codes of conduct tailored to the production’s needs, providing clear guidelines for behavior and expectations.

3. Contract Negotiation: Navigate contract issues with expertise in employment law and film industry standards to ensure fair and beneficial terms for all parties.

4. Collaboration with Legal and Accounting Services: Seamless collaboration with legal and accounting professionals to address complex issues and ensure compliance with regulations and financial obligations.

5. Job Description Preparation: Crafting accurate and detailed job descriptions that align with the production’s requirements and objectives, is essential for attracting and retaining talented crew and staff.

6. Preboarding Facilitation: Facilitate a smooth preboarding process for new crew and staff, covering essential information and coordination, such as emails, working conditions, housing and transportation.

7. Onboarding Procedures: Design comprehensive onboarding procedures to help crew and staff integrate smoothly into the production team.

8. Training Programs: Develop customized training programs to empower crew members with essential skills and knowledge, needed to identify and address issues such as bullying, harassment and health & safety concerns.

9. Dispute Resolution: In the event of conflicts, disputes or crisis, provide impartial mediation and resolution services to maintain a harmonious working environment.

10. Positive Workplace Environment: Implement initiatives to promote engagement, team-building activities, well-being programs, and psychological safety provisions.

11. Compliance Assurance: Ensure compliance with relevant codes of conduct, policies, and legal requirements to minimize risks and liabilities.

12. Payroll Data: Provide accurate payroll data and information to facilitate efficient processing and regulatory compliance.

13. HR Metrics: Analyze HR metrics to identify trends and areas for improvement, optimizing workforce management strategies.

14. Align with Production Company’s Goals: Work closely with production leadership to align HR strategies and initiatives with company objectives.

Incorporating professional HR support into the film production budget, allows the production company to concentrate on strategic priorities, while HR experts nurture a positive work culture and mitigate risks, ultimately bolstering the success of each production.


Article written by Act4HR